Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our 4th Anniversary

In the past three (should be four now :p) weeks I spent most
of the night time working on my "surprise" to my girlfriend for
our 4th year anniversary. Basically, I am a kind of people who
like to make little gifts, so for the past 3 anniversaries apart
from buying a real gift with value I will prepare some hand-made

gift as well.

Luckily recently I am practicing watercolor cartoon drawing for

my Etsy I don't have to think too much what should I prepare this
time :p My only problem is usually I draw in A4 or A5 (mostly) size,
I want to do something even more great to my girlfriend, so finally

I decided to try A3 size which is really very difficult to me! The
feeling is like putting 10 or more of my normal drawings into one
and completed them all within 3 weeks' spare time. I almost used

up all my spare time but at the same time I still out with my girlfriend,
sharing Olympic Game 2008 (we are super fans of volleyball women,

China!) and not let her know from any hint :p

So I begin from the idea how my big painting should be ... one night

when I was watching a TV program I suddenly inspired from a nice
French restaurant that I can draw something like a gallery to show all
our great times through mini paintings:

After that I picked up the best 10 photos from all the photos
we took in the past 4 years, and then turn them into pencil
sketches in cartoon way:

After all the drafts are done I redraw all of these drafts
once again but put them together in a A3 watercolor paper:

And finally this is completed after watercolor is filled, yeah~

P.S. She likes it really much after I gave and she frames it
and hang it on the wall in her bedroom :)