Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moly_x_41 - Pencil Draft of Angel Theme

i continue the moleskine given by Dear Executioner.

the theme I use is angel which represent "hope", continue
from Dear Executioner's story line about "despair"~

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas Plush that I Made

I made this plush to my girlfriend with 2 socks and few
buttons bought from a boutique Baleno.

It takes me 6 hours' work but it worths after watching her
smiles. I joke with her that I brought her a free gift given
by Baleno after purchase and she really believe with that!
Well, I am not sure if my joke or my plush sounds too real :p

08 Xmas Card with My Greeting

Wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hey Guys, This Is My First Moly Drawing!

For my drawing this time I try to use the theme "civilization"
to apply my line drawing to tell how time tells our history and
the monkey witness the whole process~ (I am cast as human
being :p)

My Lovely Moly Covers

For my first moly cover I try to apply pastel as a media as it
seems no other cover using the skills, so I try to make some
fun with it~

The powder looks stands out enough yet it is too easy to
come off from the matted surface, finally I use some shiny
protective layer to cover it.

For the inner cover I use the cartoon drawing style which
is also one of my styles for cartoon series.

I leave some interactive area to you all to put your country
stamp here .. you see, we are living in same global village!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Birthday Gift

There is another colleague has her birthday today,
and we make a pop up birthday card for her

This is my drawing of my colleague's face, hope
it is not too much difference from her real person :p

Surprise from Dear Executioner

Wow wow wow, I got the envelope sent by Dear Executioner
when I was still enjoying the sunshine on my bed on Sunday
morning ... what a big surprise!!

Very special cover page, a bit of spooky feeling :p

Cyber + scientific comic feeling comes into my mind immediately!

The art from Dear Executioner is done mainly by
fine line + marker which gives me a strong impression,
especially the eyes of the terminator-like-executioner
(I guess :p)

I still need to take some time to digest this interesting
story and see how should I continue. Oh wait ... I still owe
my start-late-moly to Michael :p I have to buy my moly
and start my art tonite~