Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three Little Etsy Shops

I am so happy that finally my three Etsy shops are opened!!!

My very first idea is to give a little surprise for my girlfrie
nd a
little surprise for our 4th year anniversary and leave us a very
good me
mories. My personality is to try to challenge on different
areas and to explore myself to new things, so instead of single
drawing styles I do have many (or may be too many :p) styles
during my drawing practice period.

That is the reason why I finally decide to open 3 separate Etsy
shop instead of single one. Let me show you how different these
3 Etsy
shops are:

Caviemily - This shop mainly sells those cute drawing by various
media. Currently I mainly apply pigment liner, pencil, pastel,
watercolor and co
lor-markers. The main character I apply most
of the time is a little cheerful girl which is a cartoon image of my girlfriend :p

Caviyummy - This shop mainly sells those food illustration
which is drafted by pigment liner or ink pen, and the colored
digitally by computer via Photoshop. This shop is derived from my illustrated diary~

Cavilotus - This shop mainly sells those cute drawing which is
created by computer via Illustrator. Some of them are converted
into postcards and sell at my friend's teahouse called Lotus Teahouse in Australia~

I hope getting more and more people love my art in the coming
future. Though at this moment I still have no sales yet (yeah .. I am
writing this blog after the shops have been running for 2 months :p),
I still feel more than happy whenever I received some support
and encouragement in both Esty and Flickr. THAT motivate my creation on and on ~

New Bread Taste Experience

In Hong Kong, there are quite a number of bakeries in both
Eastern and Western styles. To me, I didn't resist in any kind
of bread (except those with dried fruit inside :p).

This time, when I celebrate one of my friend's birthday at a
steak house, we find out the bread is really soft inside whilst
we can sense the taste of "brown sugar". It is very interesting
because normally we can't find such kind of taste from those
breads in Chinese style. So this time it gives us a very new
taste experience ~

It's really yummy and gives me even more surprise than the
steak (well .. it's true :p). Yummy anyway~

Getting My First Blog Interview posted~

I am very happy that being invited by another Blogger Kittyanydots
and having a blog interview via email. Apart from my job interview,
this is my first ever interview :)

Here is the webpage:

If you are interesting to know more about me, my design, my
inspiration, my shop and more, you can take a look there!! ~

Monday, October 27, 2008

OH MY BLOG ... am I too busy or too lazy?

When I just re-visit Blogger today, I just notice that totally one month in my life gets lost here!

Oh my, it seems I focused the whole past one month in:
1. Doing many experimental drawings in both Caviemily, Cavilotus and Caviyummy
2. Running the Flickr group
3. Running the Etsy shop
4. Starting my first course of MBA and attending my first tutorial class
5. Working working hard in office
6. Searching for my new home with all many home decoration stuffs
7. Waiting any progress in Moly_x_41 and Moly_x_44 (but seems no, so far :p)

Suppose the point #8 should be "updating my Cavidanny blog" ... but I miss this one ...

"Hey Cavi, what are you doing here?" I tried to ask myself.
"Well, I have been working quite busy for a short while.."
"Except updating this blog?"
"Well ... oops, I gotta work right now, busy busy ..."