Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moleskine 01.01

This is my first drawing in Moleskine and it is talking about
the love connection between people. There are lots of guys
and gals in the world but love is a kind of miracle that it is
very hard to be a couple. Guess who is the couple who get
a bingo in the drawing? Of course that is me and my girlfriend

After scanned the drawing and I find the color on Moleskine
is a bit different from normal water color paper. My drawing
looks a bit colorless. I decide to fill in background color as

Finally I did! ~

My First Moleskine Starts

Since I upload my drawing in Flickr, I found many artist
mentioned a term "Moleskine". At first I really have no idea
what it means, but then the more I read I understand that
is a kind of famous sketchbook. Some of my favorite artist
actually also have their daily sketches on Moleskine,
though it is a bit expensive to me (I have bought a similar
one from China but the quality is much much different!) finally
I buy one and start with it~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Drawing Challenge 03

Last time everything was in a rush so finally I picked a
more "lazy" photo to challenge myself :p It seems to me
there still not enough confident to start with some human or
animal being, so it's still great for me to familiar with food
and machines instead.

This time when I paint I found it is a bit like oil painting
rather than water painting, which is out of my expectation yet
not too bad (may be not:p)~

I am so eager to take the challenge for both a doll and a
garden photo this week ... just can't wait!

New Hamburger Set

One day I suddenly want to goto a Japanese hamburger
shop to have my lunch, and I found out that there is a new
set released, and its name is "Double Hawaiian Burger".
It is quite tasty but I couldn't tell why its name come from,
may be just it uses some Hawaii salad paste inside :p

Apart from the burger, usually I go that shop mainly for the
creamy pop corn soup :p I remember that the first time I try
I feel it's too creamy compare to those in HK style, but later
on I start to love it ~

Friday, July 18, 2008

My drawing is on magazine!

Three weeks ago I joined a design contest for a
portable hard disc after reading the ads from a
magazine. Indeed when I discovered this, it is one
day before the deadline. After struggling for a while,
I decide to join as my portable hard disc at home is
almost fully used :p

Since time is very rush, I do not have much time to
think out the idea but I just imagine the future what if
human continues over-use resources in the world.
The last piece of grassland will leave us and may be
they can only survive after leaving the Earth. Since my
hand drawing is still not mature yet, I use illustrator to
present the idea out and spend a night to finished the

Then I keep waiting and waiting for 3 weeks, finally it
is the day the result is announced in the magazine.
Unfortunately I cannot get the top 3, which means my
portable hard disc becomes vanish T.T But luckily I
am still in the final round list and can be show on the
magazine and I get a 4Gb USB finger as a award~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drawing Challenge 02

Last time I challenge the "Drawing from Other Members
Photographs" pool in Flickr from a beer boat photo, and
this time I try to challenge again from a green VW bus. I
feel the green color of that photo is great, that's why I choose
that photo. The feeling from the final drawing still a bit
different from what I predict, as it looks somehow like by
color pencil rather than water color, from the software effect.
But my original line drawing is quite perfect to me though :p

Friday, July 4, 2008

Xiao Long Bao

Last Friday I went to a Chinese food shop with my girlfriend
and also another friend of her together. That shop has various
types of noodles available, but the most popular food is
"Xiao Long Bao", that is, some meat (usually pork) plus juicy
soup in a thin layer of flavor skin.

People often say that the best "Xiao Long Bao" can be found
at small food shops in Beijing, but i didn't travel there before.
May be I should consider this place sometime in future~

Paper Craft for My Colleague

Today is the birthday of my department head
in design department (whilst I am the section
head), so our colleague has an idea to create
some DIY paper figure.

Because recently I keep practicing how to draw
comics in American style, I create a swimming
guy of myself. But I just found 2-D and 3-D looks
a bit different :p

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dessert Shop and Its Little Story

Sometimes I will go to have dessert shop to try
my most favorite desserts. They are "Sesame & Tofu Mix"
and "Durian Pancake". The fist shop is located in an rural
area, and my friend will drive car and bring me there the first
time. There are always too many people wait outside at that
time. Luckily it becomes quite famous now in Hong Kong and
there are many branch shops, hence we no more need to
spend too much time in waiting the seat.

Talking about this shop, there was one time the son of this
dessert shop owner worked for our main factory vendor.
Sometimes he will come to my working office and buy us
free desserts and free coupons as well .. but after working
for 2 years, he quit and start to run his father's business.
Wish he is success!