Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moleskine 01.01

This is my first drawing in Moleskine and it is talking about
the love connection between people. There are lots of guys
and gals in the world but love is a kind of miracle that it is
very hard to be a couple. Guess who is the couple who get
a bingo in the drawing? Of course that is me and my girlfriend

After scanned the drawing and I find the color on Moleskine
is a bit different from normal water color paper. My drawing
looks a bit colorless. I decide to fill in background color as

Finally I did! ~


Anonymous said...

A beginner: when I first saw this pic I had a thought the bingo is you and your girlfriend, so I'm right :) Looks like your girlfriend has lovely long hair.
Be always nice to your girlfriend, be a good boy ;) :D

cavidanny said...

Bingo again! Lady you are right, that is me and my girlfriend. She has a long and beautiful triangular curvy hair~ Yeah I am always nice to her, so does she :)