Friday, July 18, 2008

My drawing is on magazine!

Three weeks ago I joined a design contest for a
portable hard disc after reading the ads from a
magazine. Indeed when I discovered this, it is one
day before the deadline. After struggling for a while,
I decide to join as my portable hard disc at home is
almost fully used :p

Since time is very rush, I do not have much time to
think out the idea but I just imagine the future what if
human continues over-use resources in the world.
The last piece of grassland will leave us and may be
they can only survive after leaving the Earth. Since my
hand drawing is still not mature yet, I use illustrator to
present the idea out and spend a night to finished the

Then I keep waiting and waiting for 3 weeks, finally it
is the day the result is announced in the magazine.
Unfortunately I cannot get the top 3, which means my
portable hard disc becomes vanish T.T But luckily I
am still in the final round list and can be show on the
magazine and I get a 4Gb USB finger as a award~

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