Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dessert Shop and Its Little Story

Sometimes I will go to have dessert shop to try
my most favorite desserts. They are "Sesame & Tofu Mix"
and "Durian Pancake". The fist shop is located in an rural
area, and my friend will drive car and bring me there the first
time. There are always too many people wait outside at that
time. Luckily it becomes quite famous now in Hong Kong and
there are many branch shops, hence we no more need to
spend too much time in waiting the seat.

Talking about this shop, there was one time the son of this
dessert shop owner worked for our main factory vendor.
Sometimes he will come to my working office and buy us
free desserts and free coupons as well .. but after working
for 2 years, he quit and start to run his father's business.
Wish he is success!

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