Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drawing Challenge 02

Last time I challenge the "Drawing from Other Members
Photographs" pool in Flickr from a beer boat photo, and
this time I try to challenge again from a green VW bus. I
feel the green color of that photo is great, that's why I choose
that photo. The feeling from the final drawing still a bit
different from what I predict, as it looks somehow like by
color pencil rather than water color, from the software effect.
But my original line drawing is quite perfect to me though :p


Anita Davies said...

Looks quite perfect to me too! :)

cavidanny said...

Thanks Anita :)

Compare to my drawings as a beginner, your ones are really perfect instead LOL

Sandy said...

Cool sketch - and in my fav color! nice line work, I like your style.

kazumiwannabe said...

Love this! Subject and drawing, all great!