Monday, August 11, 2008

DFOMP26 - Wasserkrug und Zwiebel

There is some days that i do not have time to
take challenge in the DFOMP group, last weekend
luckily I can stay home and so I decide to pick up
a small drawing pad and start to think which one
should take the challenge this time.

Since most of the time I love to draw something
about food and drinks, I suddenly find a photo with
an onion in it and I think " here it is ! ".

Having been using computer painting for some times,
I decide to do it with original water paint again. The
fine brushes makes the color not bright enough, it is
quite soft colors yet I feel quite pretty. But after I scanned
the final drawing and post it into Flickr, it looks a bit
too pale to me :p I have to show more colors next time~

Monday, August 4, 2008

New Blogger Banner

Since I made a banner after I registered Blogger I keep the
same banner until now (that is, 3 months ago only :p). But
recently the more blogger site I view, I find that each artist
tries to show their style in the banner. As I mainly focus on
fineliner drawing and water color paint, I decide to renew the
banner. But I am lazy, finally I go to use the quickest way, that
is, make the collage :p

Yet it turns out to be quite nice~

Moleskine 01.02

One day when I view the blogger of the other artist, one page
is about chess. Then I suddenly have an idea, it would be fun
to put all chesses into some characters. So I decide to make
some simple sketch and then put them together in the
Moleskine. The process is not too easy as all the characters
I designed are flatted and when I draw I have to put them into
something that can show depth. That means I have to convert
all the sketches again on the Moleskine.

I put this work aside for a whole week as I have some other busy
stuffs need to complete first. Then I go to paint them yesterday
with water colors. It takes me a long time to complete it as I fill the
color with a very small size brush! Oh my god, I know what I should
do next time .... luckily it turns out to be quite nice~