Monday, August 11, 2008

DFOMP26 - Wasserkrug und Zwiebel

There is some days that i do not have time to
take challenge in the DFOMP group, last weekend
luckily I can stay home and so I decide to pick up
a small drawing pad and start to think which one
should take the challenge this time.

Since most of the time I love to draw something
about food and drinks, I suddenly find a photo with
an onion in it and I think " here it is ! ".

Having been using computer painting for some times,
I decide to do it with original water paint again. The
fine brushes makes the color not bright enough, it is
quite soft colors yet I feel quite pretty. But after I scanned
the final drawing and post it into Flickr, it looks a bit
too pale to me :p I have to show more colors next time~

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