Monday, August 4, 2008

New Blogger Banner

Since I made a banner after I registered Blogger I keep the
same banner until now (that is, 3 months ago only :p). But
recently the more blogger site I view, I find that each artist
tries to show their style in the banner. As I mainly focus on
fineliner drawing and water color paint, I decide to renew the
banner. But I am lazy, finally I go to use the quickest way, that
is, make the collage :p

Yet it turns out to be quite nice~


Anonymous said...

Nice drawings!! And great banner!!


Anita Davies said...

LOVE the new it watercolour or computer coloured?

cavidanny said...

Anonymous: Thanks for your encouragement~

Anita Davies: Love your support from such a master :) They are computer coloured ... may be not your cup of tea :p I am practicing real watercolour now and find the color tones are quite different ... it's the target for my next banner now~

Anonymous said...

A beginner: This new banner is awesome! :)

Cakespy said...

Great new banner, I love the line quality! I can't believe it's colored by computer, it looks like it's done by hand! You're good!!

Cavidanny said...

Thanks beginner ~ Your encouragement is always meant to me ;)

Thanks cakespy ~ Yeah, I try to apply my rough hand sketch and coloring them in computer, to create some new style. We both seems to have same interest to draw food illustrations :p Recently I also help my friends to prepare some postcard of food illustrations and also selling some in their teahouse too :) I wish my drawing could be as cute as yours!