Monday, October 27, 2008

OH MY BLOG ... am I too busy or too lazy?

When I just re-visit Blogger today, I just notice that totally one month in my life gets lost here!

Oh my, it seems I focused the whole past one month in:
1. Doing many experimental drawings in both Caviemily, Cavilotus and Caviyummy
2. Running the Flickr group
3. Running the Etsy shop
4. Starting my first course of MBA and attending my first tutorial class
5. Working working hard in office
6. Searching for my new home with all many home decoration stuffs
7. Waiting any progress in Moly_x_41 and Moly_x_44 (but seems no, so far :p)

Suppose the point #8 should be "updating my Cavidanny blog" ... but I miss this one ...

"Hey Cavi, what are you doing here?" I tried to ask myself.
"Well, I have been working quite busy for a short while.."
"Except updating this blog?"
"Well ... oops, I gotta work right now, busy busy ..."


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